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Sofas care products

OA - Sofa care 250 (mīksto mēbeļu auduma tīrīšanas līdzeklis)
OA - Sofa care 250 (mīksto mēbeļu auduma tīrīšanas līdzeklis)
OA - PETS odour removal 250ml (dzīvnieku smaku neitralizētājs)
OA - PETS odour removal 250ml (dzīvnieku smaku neitralizētājs)
Auduma tīrīšanas līdzklis dīvāniem, gultām un krēsliem
OA - Sofa care 500 ml (mīksto mēbeļu auduma tīrīšanas līdzeklis)
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Length 347
Width 221 / 176
Sleeping area 125 x 275
Height 82 / 99
Seat height 47
Depth of buttocks 59
Leg height 13
Material Alcantara
Other functions Adjustable head rests
Leg material Plastic
Additional information Easy-care fabric
Filling Breathable foam filling with steel Zig Zag spring base
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Do you want this product? It’s simple - place an order on our website or on-site in out store-warehouse at Brīvības gatve 401 and we will do the rest to receive the product. We give you our word - We work to ensure that everything is accurate and on time, so if we’ll miss the deadline, then you will receive a free delivery.

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The wood used for the production is FSC® certified, which confirms that forests used for timber development for sofa production are managed responsibly and in accordance with the FSC Principles.

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